You crazy people out there, thanks for 350 viewers! I gave my first live streaming concert 3 weeks ago. Thank you for your time and support – you donated almost € 450, and I am still speechless. The money will be spent on drinks, of course, and I buy the equipment to paint a pile of poo on Hamburg Central Station’s entrance wall, colored pink and, needless to say, floating on a cloud!

No, I use the money to pay my creatives, who are currently supporting me for free. They are out of their minds too!  Thank you, thank you, thank you – I’m glad you’re here and thankful for this alpaca.

“Yes, you’re a fine alpaca and once you’ll rule the world.”

What a concert! Thank you very much! For those who missed it and for those who already attended the concert but were too drunk to remember: let’s dive into the best of the “cookie-eating-mulled-wine-drinking-nonsense-live streaming -Concert”.

2020 year was definitely fu….ndamentally challenging. So we had some fun!

As the title of this concert led us to expect – we drank mulled wine, ate cookies until we burst and had a great concert.

My favorite memories are the forecasts made by my stuffed parrot and manager Wolfgang. In combination with the power of the “Merkel Diamond” I was able to scare off bad spirits.

We learned that cherry blossom tea with milk is the toughest stuff. And I loved your comments and your dedication. It was so funny. And of course, I was more than happy to present you my new single “I’m always here for you!”


new single “I’m always here for you!”

Since you were all drunk, I guess I just got great feedback on that. I liked the special t-shirt collection “I was there and slightly drunk” – that was the start for my fan shop with limited and self-designed shirts – sprinkled with a pinch of love.


If you haven’t seen the concert yet, or can’t remember anything, you can find it on YouTube or under this link

Love you all! Please, remain strange. Bye.

Thanks to Jiří Mikoláš / Pexels

Live Streaming Concert Dez 18, 2020

Even too lazy to search for my latest live streaming concert? What’s wrong with you? I am a well-known newcomer and far more attractive than this alpaca! But do not worry. Here we go. Take all the strength and energy that you have and hit the button.

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