Drawn by true stories like a moth to the light – Marnie is an independent pop artist from Hamburg, who desires to express the inner world through her music, sharp lyrics, and striking voice.  

She believes that everyone has a story to tell and an inner battle to fight. By facing up to these challenges, we grow bigger to live a self-determined life. A message she longs to share with you.- That’s why most of her songs come from the dark, and some go into the light. As an artist to the core, she writes her music, directs her music videos, and does the post-production herself. 

There’s something mystical about her attitude. She grabs your attention with catchy pop songs and her voice, which is full of energy, including fragile sounds, makes you want more.

 She makes you cry; she makes you cheer; she makes you feel all the available colors to feel alive – with a unique style that doesn’t seem unfamiliar. An upcoming pop artist you should have heard of



Welcome to my website

I’m so glad that you have found me. My name is Marnie and I am an independant artist from Germany. Everything I do is handmade – I create my own music and lyrics, I do the design for social media and my website and I do the postproduction of my music videos.

You find me on social media @ “Follow Marnie”. I share my own music, covermusic and my thoughts with you through posts, music and videos and I would be thrilled if you join me on this exciting journey!
Love, Marnie ❌❌❌

coming soon

July 22, 2020

The new single “Beautiful Ruin” will be celebrating its release on August 14.

“Beautiful Ruin” is a break up song with a strong attitude! Sometimes all that’s left is a facade.  ❌❌❌


June 05, 2020

I am so happy to annouce, that I’m releasing new music regulary including selfproduced music videos. Watch my first single “Insomnia” on YouTube. Don’t miss further music videos and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Thanks 🖤


April 02, 2020

Hey there I’m going live to celebrate my new single Insomnia. Date: Fri, 1 Mai – 6pm Central European TimeCET.
I would be so happy, if you join me! ❌❌❌


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Beautiful Ruin

Single Release | Fr, 14 August