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Who am I? I have found myself constantly asking the same question.

I had my own artist agency for 10 years, where I also worked as a cover music singer. Everything went so well, but at the peak of my success I felt only one thing: emptiness. I didn’t want to admit to myself what I had long been feeling. I was on the road to success, but on that way, I lost myself.


So I slowed down and remembered, that I had always wanted to be a singer, who writes her own music. I wanted to create music and words that touch and inspire people. But at that time, I thought I had no choice to change anything, but we always have choices. Often the consequences keep us from making them.


On New Year’s Eve I was standing at the beach, watching the fireworks and clinking glasses of sparkling wine with the promise to walk the path of the artist. On that very evening I closed my company. I gave up everything I was, my role that I had created for myself and my status.


If there is one thing I have learnt in life, it’s that dreams cost as much as they are worth. I realized that am the director of my own life and from now on I am opening a new chapter. Today I ask myself the only one important question: What happens next?


I am Marnie, an artist from Hamburg, Germany and I have a gift: I thrill people with my words, my enthusiasm and my music.


I’m creating content about my way as an artist – I share my music, my strange humor, my texts and my knowledge in music, blogs, posts and videos. I’m so glad that you have found me. Follow me. Follow Marnie.